The Black Lab Coffee House

18 Clapham Common Southside,



So I’ve been to the Black Lab Coffee House twice now.  Once for a meeting, and the second to just sit, drink good coffee and do a little (emphasis on the little) bit of school work.  It is honestly the EASIEST place to get to if you’re already on the Northern line in London, get down to Clapham Common and walk 100 yards, bish bash bosh!


If you’re a coffee fanatic, you will be in your element there.  I have never seen such coffee expertise as is modelled in the staff at the Black Lab.  And they are constantly bringing in new beans, new brews, new techniques, new everything.  Every time I visit, I’m impressed.  Today I had an 8oz, Brazil and some of their GORGEOUS homemade muesli (best in London, big words, but it is) with honey, greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.


Taking full advantage of the first signs of Spring in London, I sat in the sun (well, British sun, so slightly overcast) outside the Black Lab with my beautiful breakfast and fantastic coffee and felt fully content.  So get there, order a 10oz cup, because by the time you’ve finished an 8oz, you will want more.


10313979_821111547916366_884777662732837066_nReo Jewels describes themselves in their Facebook profile as:

The Brand for Both Breeds. Unisex Jewels made in the heart of London

I recently had the chance to talk to the designer, a lady named, Rebecca Ellis Onyett, whilst writing an article for another body.  Starting in studying 3D Design in Plymouth University, Onyett’s designs have blossomed out of a love for the natural world and intricacy in bodily embellishment.  Her jewellery collections perfectly entangles raw and ferocious animalistic traits, and a majestic embellishment of skill and silversmithing.

If you check out her website thinking you will be looking at an average jewellers online profile, you shall be pleasantly surprised by the presence of her collection of headdresses and wild taxidermy.  ‘Average’ is the last adjective I would use to describe her brand, I’m swaying more towards ‘marvellous‘.

Reo Jewels is being featured in the upcoming event, Wasted Chic on March 7th at McQueen Shoreditch.  This event has been raaaaaved about for the year and a half that it’s been going on for, and it is happening again this Saturday.  Be there, I certainly will (and for those of you who can’t, I will be posting about it afterwards).

Here is some of Rebecca’s designs which I adore, and, if I could afford it (major crying face), would jump at the chance of buying:


Soo, check her out.  She’s one to watch.

Carreau6647_fotorPierre Carreau.  He’s french.  He’s a photographer.  He’s brilliant.  Bringing humanity to an earthly element, emotional fragility to one of the most powerful forces in the world.  He freezes water in mid-air, and it is jaw-droppingly, single-tear-rolling-down-your-cheek kind of mesmerisingly beautiful.  Look for him.




So here’s the update on me;

1. Last week I was in a university production of West Side Story (which I am even now still hungover from)

2. I had to bleach my hair blonde for it and get a RIDICULOUSLY hilarious fake tan, which I secretly kind of liked after a few days.

3. I have now been dumped with all the work my university professors could possibly give me.

That’s me right now, in a nutshell.  Except I’ve dyed my hair back brunette now, thank god.  Now that the show is over, you can expect many more posts for me – YAY.

Comment and give me the update on you guys!


tumblr_nglbn72Wcw1qhcxqso1_1280It is that time of year again.  Broke-mas.  Because that is definitely what it is, a holiday season that squeezes and drains every ounce of my bank account all in aid of the six days right at the very end of the year where, ok I’ll admit it, it’s pretty great.  But I live in London, where the weight of the Christmas frenzy is felt most.  For example, I being the dimwitted idiot that I am, decided to do a little shopping on Oxford Street…on Saturday…during the school/university holidays.  I can honestly say, I am physically and emotionally damaged, and spent much more money that I probably should have (hence the exhausted bank account).

Right now, I’m sitting in my kitchen, sipping green tea in my pyjamas and thinking about the Christmas roast that I’m supposedly cooking all of my housemates tomorrow.  I’ve never cooked a Christmas dinner before.  Extra effort has been made, I bought Christmas crackers, there’s a large turkey taking up a whole shelf in my fridge defrosting, I’ve even organised secret santa.  I’m hoping that the early Christmas get-together tomorrow will unfurl in a chaotic yet nonetheless adorable way.

I’m writing this post to wish you all a very lovely Christmas.  I hope all of your wishes come true, I hope you spend the day with those you love, I hope you have a little extra change in the bank account to buy yourself another mulled wine and most of all I hope you’ve achieved all that you’ve wished to achieve this year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my beautiful followers.

(P.S. I’m not sure why I’m posting this now, as I will be updating you all before Xmas, but.. oh well)



THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND the Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House.  I will admit, I had only heard her name in passing, which at this point, I am utterly ashamed of!  The exhibition is unreal, creative et mind-blowing.  When people use the phrase, “S/He’s got an eye for style”, they could simply not be talking about anyone else other than Blow.  It matters not what style flare you pin yourself onto, I guarantee you will adore this exhibition.

Somerset House, 20th November 2013 – 2nd March 2014
£12.50 or £10 concessions

Go, fashion lovers! I implore you!

RL x


She’s Kenyan. She lives in London. In the s/s 2014 collections, she walked more than 40 shows. She’s the first black model in nineteen years to be featured in a Prada campaign. She is signed in five different countries. She’s nineteen years old. She’s been modelling for only two years. She’s Malaika Firth. 


UK Vogue December 2013

I thought a dramatic introduction to Malaika Firth was needed, she is one of my favourite models purely because she came out of nowhere and took over the world (which, I mean, any person would respect). The story goes, her mother arranged a meeting with Premier Model Management after watching an episode of “The Model Agency”, after which they signed Malaika on the spot. Thank you Mrs Firth, you’ve done the fashion/modelling world a good deed.

For me, it’s the fragility she conveys in her doe-like eyes, counteracted by the angular structure to her face and dark features. She can pull off being sassy, cute, vulnerable and powerful in the same photo.

However, whilst I absolutely love what fashion does with models (especially haute couture, who doesn’t love looking at that?!), the dramatic makeup, the extravagant clothing, the ornate setting etc etc etc. I’m always interested in looking at the models for who they are, stripped down to no makeup, relaxed hair, simple t-shirt and jeans. It is only the very best models that can create a character with no help. Cara Delevingne is a prime example (I did a short post ages ago about how much better she is at modelling with minimal makeup), and I’m convinced Malaika Firth follows this.

UK Vogue cover

UK Vogue cover

Firth is a talented model, and I am eternally jealous about the fact she has accomplished so much and is merely a year older than I am, and perfectly willing to admit that she deserves every piece of recognition.

RL x




When I was around fifteen I had my first encounter with lace.  I discovered an old sewing bag in the attic of my house that contained strand upon strand of lace trimmings.  Every one was white and had a haunting, vintage, Miss Havisham feel to them.  So being my weird, socially awkward teenage self (of which I probably still am), I started using them as hair ties.  And thus my lace embellished journey began.

Lace is one of those timeless, relentless fabrics which continue, year after year to astound me.  It is the height of elegance, femininity, extravagance and it can make or break an outfit quicker than you can say “Dolce and Gabbana”.  It’s power lies in its intricacy, and it’s ability of being both opaque and transparent at the same time.  The term ‘Eyelash Lace’ is used to describe a certain type of needle lace in which the threads are left loose on the edges created an eyelash effect. This has been cropping up everywhere this season, my favourite use of it on the designer spectrum was Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2013 Couture collection;

MARC0572.450x675 MARC0111.450x675

The trick with lace is that too much of it can overwhelm and expose the body, touches of it here and there tease and seduce the eye of the beholder.  To get the full effect of eyelash lace, it should trim the edges of a garment, as if the fabric were disintegrating, with the utmost style and beauty, off the body.  And if it should cover most of the body, it should never, I say never be alone!  Back-up fabric is always needed, one might catch a cold.  Here are some examples of this in use;


Valentino – £605

lucie-19.11.13-aj-64282 – £29.99


Gucci – £1,080


J. Crew – £295


Topshop – £33.58

In the art of seduction, my dear, teasing is key.  But putting it’s seductively lavish sexual feel aside for just one moment, lace exudes the one thing most fabrics do not even dare look at; fragility.  And this is precisely why I feel the best use for eyelash lace is not exposed exteriorly, but concealed underneath, in the underwear department.  Why when something is so delicate yet so beautifully feminine and sexual, one can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the powers of seduction one wears beneath her clothes.  It’s such a rush I tell you.  And if, like me, you really cannot afford such expensive exquisite lingerie, you can look at it instead.  Or become a goldigger.  I found these on a beautiful luxury lingerie website called Journelle;


Cosabelle – £41.82

Eberjey - £32.97
Eberjey – £32.97

Mimi Holiday - £37.61

Mimi Holiday – £37.61

Stella McCartney - £85.48

Stella McCartney – £85.48

Topshop - £20

Topshop – £20

Topshop - £18

Topshop – £18

At about this point in my review of Eyelash Lace, I hope you’ve fallen just as much in love with it as I have.  It is the perfect mix between intricate, delicate and mystifying, and it will bring out your seductive side for definite.

RL x


No, by ‘Boyfriend Boom’ I do not mean the increase in the amount of people getting boyfriends, I mean the frankly genius notion of those who have a boyfriend wearing their clothes.  And thus, the fashion world grabbing the opportunity of us paying money to make those of who are single look like we’re wearing our “boyfriend’s” clothes.  Somehow, wearing clothes that are slightly ill-fitted and boyish is fantastically comfortable, pulling off the chilled, not-giving-a-crap look.

This season, coats have grown longer, jeans have become baggier and as always, the oxford shirt is constantly à la mode.  The men are bewilderingly walking the streets naked, while women look utterly fantastic.. as per.

So first off, the coat.  I have to say, this trend couldn’t have come round at a more perfect time.  It was around October when I bought my first boyfriend coat.  £50 pounds, Ebay, 80s houndstooth with black velvet lapels and – wait for it – slight shoulder padding.  I feel like Cruella Deville strutting down the street, amidst all the pastel, black and camel ordinary boyfriend coats.  Okay okay, they look pretty good too.  There’s always been something feminine about an oversized coat, maybe it’s the secrets she hides beneath it.  I’ve gone a-looking for my favourite boyfriend coats for you all:


Topshop – £89




Zara – £99.99


Miu Miu – £1,700

But by God they’re selling them everywhere, these are only my favourites. I have to say, the boyfriend coat has got to be the best thing to come from the boyfriend boom, as are all the others.  Don’t even get me started on accessories.  I adore this trend, shame I’m spending so much money on it.  Perhaps I should just get a boyfriend… pfffffft.

RL x